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New Product Line - Snowmobile Cargo/Ski Mount Rack

What to do with leftover extrusion pieces from a custom build? If you are like me, you don't like to throw away what could be a useful part. Also, if you are like me, you are always looking for something to build to satisfy a need. If you also happen to be a backcountry skier who has a snowmobile with no existing way to carry your skis, you start focusing on how to remedy this.

Your first step is to have a look at what is already available, but you really aren't that invested in buying something until you exhaust your efforts to figure out how to build something yourself.

So, what to do with leftover extrusions? I think it is obvious, figure out a way to build a ski rack for your snowmobile?

What started as a basic structure has evolved into the latest product offering from Moonshiner 4X. The Moonshiner4X Snowmobile Cargo & Ski/Snowboard Rack was designed to be functional, modular, easy to install and competively priced. It is made with extruded aluminum, stainless steel hardware, proven Voile ski straps and custom CNC'd marine grade HDPE mounts to protect your edges.

It can be installed in a long or short configuration. In the short configuration, the base rack measures 26" in length and 15 3/4" in width, with the ski mounts extended 6" on both sides so that your bindings won't interfere with a cooler, fuel can or whatever else you want to carry on your tunnel. If you would like the rack to be longer, you can reverse the parts - doing this will mean your skis overhang your tunnel less, but the binding would likely encroach on the base rack.

Modularity comes in the form of endless ways to mount additional accessories, such as a Pelican hard case or Rotopax fuel can to the base rack. The extruded aluminum accepts T-Nuts or T-Studs to accommodater mounting of accessory mounts.

The Moonshiner4X Snowmobile Cargo & Ski/Snowboard Rack ships to you for free and is partially assembled. Don't worry, we include final assembly and mounting instructions.

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