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A Tale of Two Passions

Moonshiner4X arose from both a love of woodworking and for vehicle based exploration, with a little bit of former climbing dirtbagger thrown in for good measure. 

Most early attempts at better organizing my vehicle to accommodate gear and the often "sleep at trailhead night before" situations, centered around plywood and screws. While functional, no version ever held up over time and were very heavy. 

Having recently purchased a new vehicle to explore from, I renewed my objective of having better organization along with more aesthetically pleasing addition to my rig. Further, I still wanted to sleep in the back and wanted to do so without having to remove my rear seats.

Leveraging my 15+ years of woodworking and the discovery of new materials, let me to design the first storage solutions for my new 4Runner.

And with that, Moonshiner4X was born.

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